Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Story Time with Sally

I received a message on NightFlirt the other day when waiting for calls. all it said was that someone gave me a tribute of $10. to me. i didn't know what to do. i'm not a financial Domme. So being the polite good girl i am i sent a thank you. Story time was made. i had a lot of fun with it typing furiously off the top of my head. The writing isn't great because it happened so fast. i'm resisting the urge to fix it so maybe you too will feel the rush. 

Begin Story Time: 

i love Sissies! 
maybe because i like to dress up in frilly things, like pantaloons and ruffled skirts too!
thank you so much!

i am love being used and degrade by a nasty filthy dirty sub slut

It went on and on...

Mistress Says i Must Raise my Prices!

Mistress says i must raise my prices!
i begged her to let me keep them low for today.  She can be very kind.
last day for $0.89/min PHONE SEX!

And please Sir! don't forget, this weekend i'll be with my Mistress at a play party. If you'd like to hear my Mistress give me a spanking let me know so i can set up a phone date.

Monday, July 30, 2012

my new SEX TOY!

My newest investment in phone sex!

Bliss Platinum ear buds with mic and remote. 

it's a bad photo but they are pink. also the wire is cloth covered, not plastic. And now i can use both hands while getting off!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mistress Teaches Daisy a Lesson. Roommate Over Hears Phone Sex

My Mistress taught me that even if you are doing a podcast on CBT that you need to dress up sexy. i was allowed to stay in the room while she did her podcast. Proof? well, it doesn't do her justice but i made this sketch while she was Podcasting
i don't know what you call it, but she had on this see through, skin tight thing.  She also had  a pair of her impossibly high heels on. My foot size is also 8.5. Once when she was playing with a friend at a play party i put her heels on. Shhhhh! don't tell her. i felt so naughty, i barely knew her then. We played after her podcast but i don't have her permission to write any of this let alone about THAT. 
Oh! if you would like to hear her Podcast it's http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ms_r
And she does it at 11pm on Friday nights.

i wish the drawing was better. 

But back to dressing up Sexy. i need to be better at this. honestly, i'm an artist and sometimes i am painting when the boys call. so i'm wearing cut-off short and a tank top. i'm usually covered all in paint. i run up stairs and grab my vibrator, which i don't always use but like to have on hand. i'm so naughty that i've lied about what i was wearing. i was so embarrassed! but i felt guilty so now you all know. my room mate ain't gonna like it but i'm gonna start painting in a little silky nighty with no bra on. 

Speaking of my roommate, she heard me! i was so loud with one caller and came so many times...

i put a couple of white noise machines and a radio on my wish list. Well, i'd really like a radio for when i'm painting but my roommate could turn it up loud for when i'm getting off. i usually plug a speaker into my phone so i can listen to the radio while i paint. With the phone sex though, i haven't wanted to do that. i'm afraid i'll mess something up. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Paint Brush in one hand. Vibrator in the other

Just feeling a little silly today.

that's me holding a paint brush in one hand a vibrator in the other and being head butted by Charlie. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Being spanked by a Mistress, squid sex and Wild Cherry

i had a lovely weekend. it involved getting spanked by a Mistress! OH! i'm getting a head of myself.

i have had my Phone Sex Cheery Popped! hooray! i know Ya'll were tired of me bitching about it. Not only that but someone bought a couple of photos of me. ya know the photos, they show the nipples!

Oh, but i saw i was on the front page of the listings for submissives on nightflirt. however, i'm afraid my $0.50/min deal is scaring folks away. i'm sorry i'm new! well, it's what i am telling myself anyways. Tonight is the last night for the deal, i'm bumping myself up to $0.89 after tonight. yay! big Leagues! (actually, big leagues would be $2.99/min)

The goal: be available for calls until midnight.
The problem, i was up until way early this morning getting flogged. my regular Friend with benefits was being trained how to properly flog someone by my Mistress. Or rather, she is considering me so she isn't officially my Mistress yet. But the night before last i finally got some private play time with her. She bare bottom spanked me with her hand. Then she tied me up, put nipple clamps on me. Which, honestly i could only stand for a few seconds. 'Please, PLEASE! take 'em off'! but if you want to know more, you'll just have to call.
i'm really jealous of Wild Cherry's blog  http://wildercherry.blogspot.com/. she has everything so consistent and beautiful. her writings get me horny. One day, One day....... *daisy dreams of 'one day' Seriously, i don't know her, i just look to her as a role model.

i just tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. and talk about things like Star Wars and Squid Sex. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=10821037 i guess i'm a little geeky or nerdy. i'm not sure.

well, i'm going to rest my eyeballs now. lucky i don't need them for fone fucking. i'll talk more about this weekends fun later. If anyone is reading..... maybe someone would like to leave a comment. or a +1? you are always welcome to tell me how horrible my blog is or if you don't agree with something.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm not going to pay for it Slave

i knew i would run into some jerks, or just thoughtless folks.

Do men really think that if they message me their phone number that i will.... 1. forget that i am in the business of being paid for having phone sex. 2. Drop what i'm doing, and call them. 3.  Be Turned into a brainless sexbot when given a command?

 AND! Just because i am submissive doesn't mean you are my Dom, Master, or Mistress. If you pay for my time i will be yours.  i'm sorry Sir. i do have bills to pay. But for those minutes i will happily do as i am told. And that also is a way for you to Dominate me.

This is the Ad i posted on a phone sex group on FetLife. i read the rules and made sure it was ok, even encouraged, to post if you do phone sex for money.

Hi Sirs! or Madams(i can dream)

i'm new to phone sex i'm just learning the ropes. infact! you could be my first. i have to get two calls that are 15mins or longer to appear on the site that hosts my number. doesn't seem fair does it? well, until i get those calls

i am accepting calls for .50/min

Please Sir! be my first!

Be my first phone Sexting Date too!

Thank you!

here is one response i received:

I saw your post in the phone sex group. I would like to talk a bit.


thank you Sir! i am waiting for your call. my vibrator is all charged up! i haven't let my self get off for at least a week. i almost came in my sleep, my panties soaked through.
but i'm a little nervous, i've not done this before. don't believe me? check out my blog

i hope to hear from you soon Sir!


send a text to me xxx-xxx-xxxx (he put his actual number, but, i'm not that kinda person so i took it out). I will call you when I feel like it slave.

i can be awfully stubborn. it often leads to such nice punishments.
you may text me when you like Sir! but you must go through here:

or if you like to call, you can call through here:


I'm not going to pay for it slave. If I was there I would help you out and just meet up daily so you can get it when you deserve it and punished for being a naughty little sub. ;)

i didn't respond. i'm not sure what the winky smiley means. Maybe one of you can tell me?

another response with the number removed:

hi saw ur ad in the phone sex group id lov to play with you i can top alspo if you want me to dom you xxxxxxxxxx jon

Well, i am still waiting for that first call. Right now! And don't worry, unless you are a complete asshole to me i won't write about our little talk. Unless you want me to. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

i was wet and sticky today and fifty cent phone sex

Hello Blog!

Today i worked at my day job. It's at an international grocery store that is known for it's prices. it's large prices. i cut fruit. Today i cut many watermelons into bite sized peaces.

 first you cut their noses off then you cut their butts off. after that you slice their skin off. then you are left with a naked watermelon. slice into steaks. good for grilling. seriously. cut the steaks in to cubes, and place into plastic containers and sell.

i was soaking wet with watermelon juice. they don't call 'em 'water'melons for nothing. except they should call them watersugermelons because then i ended up all sticky as it dried on me.

i did the math. i make $0.05/min for this job. i could make $0.75/min or more getting all hot and horny and orgasming. Well, honestly, no matter what i get it will be less per min, because there is a lot of work, besides taking calls. like keeping a blog up. or learning how to use twitter or learning to write HTML codes. Also figuring out how to get two 15min calls so i can be included on NightFlirt's website. that's right. they won't put my listing with the other listings unless i have had two calls all ready. so TOMORROW $0.50/min PHONE SEX 
that's 7.50 for 15 min. (don't think for an instant i get that whole 7.50)

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Dirty little Secret about PHONE SEX WORKERS

i'm so excited! i just found out this little secret about phone sex workers!

while they are waiting on calls they are chatting back and forth about HTML.

At least the smart ones with the best listings.

wow! blows my mind.

To be: Painting Whore or Phone Sex Whore?

Those of you having not gone through art school probably don't know that there is a big stigma against artists that do art for money. it's ok to take on a commission so long as the patron doesn't tell you what to paint. if you are painting a beautiful landscape, or flowers or babies you are painting to sell. the problem with this is that every time you make a painting you start questioning yourself. is it too pretty? did i paint it to sell?

as i am waiting for some one to call me for phone sex (still hasn't happened) i am working on a commission. it's a painting of someone's daughter. i was given a lot of free range, but still..... am i art whoring? 

This is not a commission. i did it for myself. it's pen, ink, and acrylic on rag paper. i work from photos i take, so doing one of me is difficult. so i tied my friend up. not my normal roll. i don't like being on top. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Waiting for Phone Sex

7/13/12I just want to say there is nothing easy about this. getting photos, writing a listing in HTML. i figured out i can go to  a converter page, which helps but doesn't always work. NightFlirt doesn't explain that you need another site so you can post photos in your profile. i had to figure that one out on my own. Yes, that is why i started this blog. So there is hours in the making of the site and hours in waiting. It makes me not feel guilty at all for charging 1.64/min, which i get 70% of. i'm still thinking of dropping my price to get some calls and some feedback so i can get further to the top of the list. i don't know where my listing is on the site but i think it is on page 20 or so. 
7/12/12So. what does one do while waiting for Phone Sex? Look at other peoples Listings of course! and twiddle thumbs, eat ice cream, screw around on FetLife, check bank account, Face Book.  i think i've been waiting for two hours. (i waited 4. no calls)
 i figured out that sometimes the link goes straight to my listing and sometimes to NightFlirts home page. Could be worse. Folks that are smart will search for me. or get distracted by some other trollop. hmmmmm trollop.
i'm going to try this button thing in HTML

i do believe there is a pecking order with ratings and prices. also, maybe there are a lot of girls on on a Thursday night. i was going to stay up until i got a call , but maybe i have a better chance Friday at 9am.

Well, one thing is for sure, it's a good thing i've held off on playing with my vibrator, because i would have cummed several times over by now. and i was hoping to do that with some stranger at the other end of the phone line. or, um, cell phone signal. 

Waiting for first PHONE SEX call

Yay! NightFlirt has FINALLY added my new listing. i'm waiting anxiously by the phone now for my first Call. Yikes!

So, did i mention i'm a real submissive? i mean, i love nothing more then a man, or woman to take control in the bed room. grab me by my hair, shove me down, rip my panties down..... etc. You get the idea.
i also like dinosaurs, art, muppets, skirts, meditation, and banjo music. yup real person here. Just waiting for that first call....

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I like to do Drawings

And What's up with NightFlirt? they STILL haven't accepted my Listing. i want to do phone sex! bastards. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

fun with bondage

Dubble Standards and Phone Sex

When i was growing up, i remember thinking that all my fore mothers beat the path ahead of me. i thought as a girl i could do anything a boy could do. Maybe better. Honestly i was a little annoyed. i wouldn't be able to make a name for myself, be the first Woman ________. It was all done. Later in in my teens i just didn't think about it. And now in my Thirties i realize there have been hertals to womens rights all along. everything from wadge imbalances to societal programming of girls to believe they don't succeed unless they are married. Seriously, how many girls out there live just to be married? i'm not talking about stay at home moms, but girls who think the only way they will gain acceptance in this world is by marrying a man. i was one.

 Now the progress we have made has been threatened. By mostly male politicians wanting to take my birth control (from my cold dead hands) and declaring physical states like 'Pre-pregnant'.

 So what is this all about?

 back to the whole a guy who FUCKS a lot is revered and a gal who does is a SLUT. or a whore, if he buys her dinner.
 A woman who ties a man up for money is a Mistress, a woman who gets tied up for money is a whore.


 Why should the man even pay? for either. In some cases if he put the time and money into a emotional and physical support he doesn't need to. if a girl and guy both like sex and he's a Dawg and she's a Slut, then why should he give more then her, financially or otherwise? i mean, if we are trying to make things even here. Because it is more costly for a woman. it costs us physically and emotionally.

Now in my thirties i can fuck someone and not think twice about it. All that catholic going to hell guilt shit has finally left the building.

 but there is my time. there is prep time, waxing, shaving, putting on makeup. What if i'm not attracted to you in the first place? Wear and tear. yup it happens. every pussy is different but they can only take so much pounding. play with it too much you are opening your self up to infection. i know there are some very clean men out there. but there are some not so clean ones too.

 which is why rubbers are a must.

 Women are also more susceptible to disease. it's just a fact of anatomy and nature. All i'm saying is if he ain't paying you, the least he could do is buy dinner, maybe leave a little note, buy a little gift. so why all these thoughts? mainly i'm getting into this phone sex thing. no i don't do paid sessions in person. i'm just trying to figure this all out for myself. i've tried a Mistress persona, but it just ain't me. i need to make money. 

Best if it's something i enjoy doing. like talking about getting tied up and having my bottom spanked.

 obviously the above is very heterosexual. i WANT experience with women, but haven't really had enough to comment on it here. maybe someone who has been in the gay community a long time would put their thoughts down. until later,
 ps i don't really think anyone is going to read this. do i?