Wednesday, May 28, 2014

four drawings of neglect and a whole blog of drawing phone sex

I had been feeling a little neglected by a few people. I drew/painted these drawings two days ago.  They are probably 3x4" each. Pen and Acrylic on Rag
I could probably use them under my secret identity, they aren't that naughty.  Lets see... when i am feeling neglected i want to be crushed, tied up and ignored (at least it is a conscientious decision to ignore me). Other things too, but that's what those pictures describe.

i think i mentioned i accidentally erased all the pictures off of this blog. well, i was thinking 'what a pain in the ass to replace them all. it will take forever.'.  So i decided to make it take even longer, by replacing them with drawings of the photos that i think were there. Accept for the ones that were originally art. It will take a long time, but i think it a fun side project. i already started. see two blogs before this one... something like 'fun with shower beer'. i'm trying not to edit myself into typical Hollywood 'sex bot'. i had edited the photos slightly to attract more business in the first place, but i'm gonna leave the fat wrinkles in.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fun with Silicone or "Ma'am is that a cock in your purse?"

I'd like in my life to be able to say and do what i want and not worry about what others think.  The problem with that is some of those others are my loved ones. family members etc. I want a relatively normal life with those folks. I want my cake too. I want to explore my kinky self. I want to express the way i live life. I usually just let people assume my life is relatively normal. Folks that like that idea have another blog of mine they can read.  I'm still pretty open about what i do. My Aunt and Uncle saw my artists talk from last year... they told my mom to watch it. I mentioned the phone sex in it and talked about BDSM. Needless to say that is why there is this blog. Well, it used to be for phone sex. That business wasn't lucrative for me. There is a reason one pays a few dollars a minute.  I'd rather spend that time on my art.

Right now, I have my Boyfriend. I like to say we have a 'non traditional relationship'.  We had fuck buddies before we met and i was going through a divorce (still am).  After lots of conversations we set ground rules for a relationship that works for us. Mainly revolving around conversations and the idea that what we do with our bodies doesn't automatically count as a 'cheat'. We are both Queer, as in we are Bi and also attracted to Transgendered/sexual folks.

I know it makes it sound like we are having a ton of wild parties and sex all the time everywhere. It's really not like that at all.

i have a side dish or two occasionally. So does he.

This catch up blog is getting wordy. So, this is a fun little project with a friend of mine: he has quite an impressive member. Mind you i have seen all sorts. When you go to art school you realize there is an array of penises. Each one is very unique. His is probably the largest. I don't want anyone getting jealous over this machine of his.  With natural selection, if that's what women wanted they'd all have huge cocks.  He even talks about how annoying it can get. Forget anal. Anyways, I mentioned we could make dildos out of it and he got all excited. He wanted some part of himself to keep his long distance girlfriend company.  I took a look at the reviews of those kits one can get and decided the best way was to do it from scratch. I reviewed my art school notes on cast making, looked up silicone and I gave him what advice I could. He made the first cast.  I'm told he put some porn on. When he thought he could hold his soldier at attention long enough he mixed the dental alginate and put his cock in. I later poured that mold with a clear silicone. I did extensive research to figure out what silicone would be ok to play with. The cast came out impressive, but it didn't have balls. I thought it a good idea to try for a silicone mold that we could make hundreds of cocks from if he wanted. Unfortunately, despite trying twice, the mixing process and application was too distracting for him. He got some good balls though.

 Cocks with puppets and dinos

I used a razor to cut the balls off the soft cock.
See my coffee mug in the back ground? Check out: hyperbole and a half

So after lineing it all up i decided i had to add a little that i had cut off. Here is some sulfer-free modeling clay on a tile.

I sprayed the cock with that stuff in the back ground. Painted it with this silicone. One would not believe how many types are out there. Also, my phone camera has silicone on it now, hence potato quality photos.

Next morning i covered it with Vaseline and toilet paper, then added the ridged wrap or plaster bandages.

 I started to demold (this is a word used in art school. Seems it's not really a word.) but the cat had another idea.... I mean he is more important. right?

This is the silicone mold inside out.
I return it to so it is right side out and insert into the plaster mother mold. I poured the food grade silicone and waited 24hours. 

Here is the final product. A food safe silicone copy of my friend's wiener.

The funny part of the story?
I was bringing my friend, his girlfriends new friend. On the way I thought I'd file my divorce papers. Did you know there is a metal detector in the Clerk of the Family? With a security guard who's job it is to go through your purse? What am I to do? I walk in the building see this metal detector sitting in the middle of the room and a smarmy looking guard. Everyone is looking at me because there are only a few folks there. Well, dildos aren't illegal.  I march right up and hand him my bag. he barely glanced in it. BUT! Seems I need to leave and make more copies of my paperwork. While I sit and sign some papers another guard takes this guards place. And he starts checking all the bags. Deep breath. I leave, but when I walk out I turn and look at the new guard. who winks at me. could be a good sign. I make copies and return. Hand Mr. Very Large (yes he was black, but really does it mater?) Guard my bag and ask him if he wants me to go through the machine again. "Oh you were just here! have a seat" hands me back my bag without looking. whew!  Sorry folks. Next time I'll try harder to get caught with a big dildo in public.

Another fine photo of penises.