Wednesday, May 28, 2014

four drawings of neglect and a whole blog of drawing phone sex

I had been feeling a little neglected by a few people. I drew/painted these drawings two days ago.  They are probably 3x4" each. Pen and Acrylic on Rag
I could probably use them under my secret identity, they aren't that naughty.  Lets see... when i am feeling neglected i want to be crushed, tied up and ignored (at least it is a conscientious decision to ignore me). Other things too, but that's what those pictures describe.

i think i mentioned i accidentally erased all the pictures off of this blog. well, i was thinking 'what a pain in the ass to replace them all. it will take forever.'.  So i decided to make it take even longer, by replacing them with drawings of the photos that i think were there. Accept for the ones that were originally art. It will take a long time, but i think it a fun side project. i already started. see two blogs before this one... something like 'fun with shower beer'. i'm trying not to edit myself into typical Hollywood 'sex bot'. i had edited the photos slightly to attract more business in the first place, but i'm gonna leave the fat wrinkles in.

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