Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pussy Pantyhose Pics!

I had another request from my Pantyhose loving friend. here are some photos. i did nothing to get ready. this is it the real me. Also see if you can make out the Hitachi in the back ground. Hitachi magic wand is following me on twitter. are you?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Do what you are told SLUT

Also i had a great call from someone i hadn't heard from in a long time today. i love to get to know my regular callers. it's so great to make them happy. all i want i to serve and make you happy. ok i like to pay rent too. and buy pantyhose. Note to self: i need more pantyhose.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

What's in a Name, Slut?

My Best friend and Protector, Top Cock, Primary.... Room mate?

I have lots of fuck buddies. i'm a slut. i like sex. i'm a naughty little girl. i think some people, including my callers are a little confused about all this. i'm not owned  but i tend to refer to my best friend as my Master. because in bed he Tops me. He also spoils me, and Protects me. But i own a couple of businesses and have to be on my own time schedule and i'm a little fuck bunny so i don't consider my self 'owned'. i do let him know if i'm going to boinking someone else. Or have boinked someone else. and he likes to hear about it. Ya know i tell him everything. but we are just as likely to talk about science or comic books or politics. no you can not call me up and scream politics at me. or i guess you can you are paying so you can tell me what you like, but don't be surprised when i start debating back. Anyways, we are moving in together  i know what you are thinking. or i don't but bear with me here. we have separate rooms. actually i have a whole floor to myself. Will i sleep in his bed? yes. Will he sleep in mine? yes. Will he hear me fucking some boi/man/chick/Mistress/bull/TV YES. and i will hear him. Will he be invited sometimes? YES! and vise versa. And he'll over hear me cumming like a little horn dog when i'm on the phone. 

i'll be moving to my new apartment by November first. i'm hoping to have regular hours then. Thank you for your patients! i really need new photos. hopefully my Protector can take more before we move. He spoiled me with new panties and stockings i can't wait to show them off to ya'll!