Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year: Fun with Shower Beer!

This Blog was originally posted 12/31/12. I replaced one of the photos with a drawing on 5/28/14
i've been visiting family but i'm back being a horny fun loving slut.  i hope you all call me in 2013 and make me cum and cum and cum

i kinda like that cold bubbly beer on my breast. it was a bit of a shock though. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fuzzy Pussy!

[This post originally published 12/11/12 Drawings added 5/31/14]

Well, you may not be able to call, but maybe you'd like to buy some fuzzy pussy pics?

first Sir let me tease you a little

Would you like to see me pull those pubes? how about pulling them so you can see my pussy? i also pull the the fuzz and cut it off too. i move to the shower so i'm all slick and wet My pussy got so fuzzy waiting for Internet. Now i'm taking calls again (or trying to once i get a new phone...sigh)  i shaved my self bald. but first i had to trim those hairs off and play with them a bit.
[The origional photo was more like just a close up of my hand and panties with pubes. i thought this more interesting for a drawing. Note the sketch in the background was one i was working on for 'shower beer' blog]

[This photo was, i think one of the ones received if someone payed money. That very rarely happened. The photo wouldn't have been available on the blog for free.]

technology ruined my phone sex career... or am i just in a bad mood?

 Updated 6/26/14. this isn't the photo that was on the original post. i forgot what it was. i think i'm going to add color. i wanted to keep these black and white drawings... but it needs more. 

After a Month without Internet my phone is on the fritz. sigh. should i give up now?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

waiting for Master

i'm so excited to be back taking calls. i was worried everyone would have gone off to find other girls to get their PHONE on with (and who could blame them?). I've already had a repeat caller and a new one so i think everything will be ok. In fact i am having a photo shoot tonight to get ready. kind of a Fuck you Verizon and thank gods i'm back online and having phone happy photo and fuck shoot. Look i've got everything laid out

i have my make up done and am just sitting here naked waiting for my Master to get off work and give me what i need. why is it when i wait for something i get even wetter? 

ok. i'll be back with more photos and fun fuck stories 


Friday, December 7, 2012

i was without Internet for a whole month.... Finally the dreadful Comcast saved me from the Evil Verizon, but not before making me suck his cock first. Stay tuned for all sorts of new sexy fun.... and damn i miss doing phone. i'll be taking calls again starting tomorrow and i've missed it. Can't Wait