Sunday, September 30, 2012

Life and Sex

i just had two really nice call recently. i meant to blog about the first and hadn't gotten around to it, then i had the second.

They both were very nice asking me how i was and even ended the conversation with a 'good bye'. that's a big thing for a PSO. There are a lot of guys that will hang up right before, during or after their orgasm  i'm not sure if it's a guilt or a money thing. i get not having a lot of money. i know there are PSOs out there making lots of monies but i'm just not one of them. Partly it's because i am also an artist and have other hodge podge jobs. The other really great thing about both these calls is that they made me cum so hard!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

i need a spanking!

Where has Daisy Been?  i haven't had a chance to update my blog in a while. It doesn't mean i haven't been my normal horny self, or not having some great sex or phone sex.

 i just found out that i have to leave my apartment. i was all excited to have the place to myself when my room mate leaves in Oct. now i have till Nov. 1st to find a new place and move. i just found this out last week and it has blindsided me. Another fork in the road. i have no idea where i will end up. Not only that but well, you can understand not being ready to move and the money involved with such things.

times like this, when i feel the most vulnerable, are when i like to be dominated the most. i think it is because i get all stressed out making these decisions.  i just want some big strong man (or well dressed Fem) to take the rains and tell me how it's going to be. It conflicts a little with my feminist self. oh well.... i can't help it i want to be tied up and spanked. i like to be told what and when i'll be doing things. what to wear. and then i will feel strong enough to go forward.